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Moullinex - Hypersex Remixes

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A fresh batch of remixes from an eclectic mix of artists, who perfectly reflect the communal spirit of ‘Hypersex’.


“Hypersex was my most collaborative album, so naturally I gave out its tracks for friends and people I admire to give it their own interpretation. I’m very happy about this package, as it perfectly illustrates what club music is supposed to be about: sharing”

Spanning the entirety of ‘Hypersex’, these wonderfully re-imagined versions feature a mix from swiftly rising French producer Yuksek whose characteristic sound, midway between post-disco, house and pop, shines through on ‘Daydream’ making him a more than welcome addition to the package with Moullinex adding: “I’ve been a fan of Yuksek’s music for years. He’s been active for as long as I have, and that’s no easy feat. Being able to carve your path, maintain your identity while moving forward is what this track is all about”.

Elsewhere, mixes from the likes of MEERA, the newest members of the Discotexas family, here giving ‘Hypersex’s’ sexiest tune ‘Hidden Affection’, an even smoother, sexier spin, along with mixes from other in-house artists Wild & Free, and Mr Mitsuhirato, and his charming straight up club rendition of crowd pleaser ‘Love Love Love’ really providing some mid-EP momentum paving the way for Wayward’s relentless interpretation of ‘Say It Slow’, demonstrating all the qualities that has seen the young Londoner’s solidify their burgeoning reputation in the electronic music scene. Their inclusion here is simply essential.

The excitement continues with not one but two debutants. Yanagui has formed part of Moullinex’s touring band for years, but here carves his own path lending an unmistakable groove to the EP’s second reworking of ‘Daydream’, which closes out the EP alongside a moody French-disco infused take on ‘Carnival’ featuring Shermar, from other new up and comers Romance Orchestra. A perfect ending to the package.