From a summer tour in Brazil to an intimate sunset rooftop party in Oporto, MEERA is about getting your quick fix of FUN.

Some years ago Jonny Abbey (music producer that joined Mirror People for their 2nd album) and Cecília ended up being bandmates. Allured by traveling abroad to exotic countries, they both joined a band that was touring around the world. Young and careless, they had each other’s backs during a time when all there was was a passion to experience life, an age when consequences had little weight. Getting lost in the neon streets of Shanghai at 2am, blending in with exhilarating Rio de Janeiro musicians, and missing a flight in Berlin before a show, all came naturally for them. Gladly, summer passions come and go, but their musical and spiritual bond remained strong and unique. Many of the stories in these songs come from those careless but life-changing experiences.

Soon after they got back to Portugal, they met the producer Goldmatique at a rooftop party in Oporto, needing to blow off some steam, like overworked millennials always do. More than having common friends, their musical vision music fitted perfectly and they started meeting regularly to make music together. Goldmatique also brought Rykord to the studio with him to sharpen the flow of the songs.

Having already released their first two singles on our label, you’ll be hearing about new MEERA on Discotexas quite soon.