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Mr Mitsuhirato

Mr Mitsuhirato’s CV is quite extensive and speaks for itself. On his ID one can read Hugo Moutinho and he has a history in music. Among other projects he was the founder and co-editor of music magazine Mondo Bizarre, he was like an indie embassador for a whole generation of music fans in Portugal.

Today he co-manages Discotexas, along with Moullinex and Xinobi, with whom he records the Forbidden Cuts radio show on Vodafone FM. From his edits and remixes, its Dango Django ‘Default’ and Moullinex’ ‘Love Love Love’ that have been setting dancefloors on fire all over. Have a listen! Mr Mitsuhirato also co-manages Table Sports, a new label to release more obscure music and he’s one of guys behind the counter at Louie Louie record shop in Lisbon.