MEERA - Little of Your Time

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MEERA’s new single ‘Little of Your Time’ comes carrying an upbeat mood, and is all about leaving everything behind before entering the dance floor with your loved one.

A contemporary, melodic take on funk, effectively combining soul, R&B and electronica, and all roads lead to a falsetto-laden chorus that makes you wanna grab your roller-skates and search for the nearest disco ball.

Cecília’s voice blends nicely with the soulful harmonies, and the instrumentation used by Jonny Abbey and Golmatique to support it develops into a full-blown dance track, filled with sawy synths, funky guitars and smooth bass tones.

It’s about following your gut and the inebriating effect of finding that one person who moves to the same beat as you. 

The song also explores how love feels regardless of it is meaning: love in all its many shapes and forms, a concept that it further developed in its mesmerizing video, directed by Vasco Mendes. Check it out on the left.

Forget your worries, put it on and let ‘Little Of Your Time’ take you to the dance floor.