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Oma Nata - Father's Son

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"‘Father’s Son’ is a memorial to my childhood. I try to create my own identity and reality through music and imagery by using sounds and my body. The track is a journey, beginning with an almost animalistic sound and leans towards a soulful funk and groovy bass line that I've dedicated to my late father".

Oma Nata's music crosses boundaries bewteen jazz, house, dub and electronica; exploring a moody, vibrant and exotic sound. Born and raised in Portugal, Mário da Motta Veiga has made his path through music by playing different instruments in metal and electronic bands before moving to London. Between London and Berlin, Mário started to shape music into an ever-changing constellation of sounds and introspective moods that connects us to his own spiritual discovery.

‘Father’s Son’ is taken from his debut album ‘The Discovery’ set for release this May 3rd. We can’t wait.