MEERA - Fine Without You

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‘Fine Without You’ debuted MEERA on May 4th of 2018! rFrom a summer tour in Brazil to an intimate sunset rooftop party in Porto, MEERA gets you quick fix of FUN!

A few years ago Jonny Abbey met Cecília Costa. Young and careless, and allured by travelling to exotic places they had each other’s backs during a time when all there was was a passion to experience life, an age when consequences had little weight. Getting lost in the neon streets of Shanghai at 2am, blending in with exhilarating Rio de Janeiro musicians, and missing a flight in Berlin before a show, all came naturally for them. Soon after they met producer Goldmatique at a rooftop party in Oporto, needing to blow off some steam, like overworked millennials always do. More than having common friends, their musical vision music fitted perfectly and MEERA were born.

Together In the city of Porto the right energy for their songs. Whether they’re focused on sexual freedom, or on the acceptance of our own flaws and imbalances, their music provides the perfect escape and has a contagious electricity that isolates us from all the worries and numbness routine. Never settling for the norm, they find solace in exploring escapism, the hunger for love and recognition, and having your heart broken over the fear of restraint.