DT008 - Terminal Twilight - Black and Blue - Remixes (2011) cover.jpg
Terminal Twilight - Black And Blue (Remixes)

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For most of you Terminal Twilight is an unknown name. Same happened to us until we were introduced to their music via two vinyl releases. WE FELL IN LOVE. Their sound is amazing, full of sexy vintage synths, danceable rhythms, great melodies and a sweet voice that will stay in your head for months. They also have a certain melancholic feel that will keep you in tune... Did we mention they are a proper band and that they live in Los Angeles?

Black and Blue is something like a re-release without actually being a re-release. Confused? Keep reading! Terminal Twilight released the original version of "Black and Blue" on vinyl and because it's now sold out and we loved this song so much we asked them to let us release this song with remixes. The rest, as they say, it's history.

We don't like to take the easy way, there was an accident during a move to their new studio that destroyed many of the original tracks of this song, almost making this release impossible. Terminal Twilight went back in to the studio and re-recorded some of the original tracks and added new ones. This means that we have for you a brand new exclusive for our label.

We asked Lazydisco, Mirror People and Japan's Astrolabe to work with "Black and Blue" and the result is shown above. Three different approaches from more danceable to more darker feels.