Coupons - Driving To Your House Party

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Australia has offered us a number of bands and producers with a distinctive sound. Still argued whether they add an indie feel to dance music or a dance feel to indie music the fact is that there’s an "Australian Sound" that attracts more and more fans worldwide.

Coupons were a new breed within this Australian indie dance scene, calling their style dreamrave: a restless amalgamation of bright textures and toe-tapping percussion. Take 8 parts of disco, 4 parts 80's pop and 17 parts of awesome and you'll get the picture. after a number of fine remixes under their belts, "Driving to Your House Party" is their debut release featuring remixes from fellow australian producer/musician Jad and The Ladyboy and two Discotexas in house producers: Xinobi and Moullinex, the latter in collaboration with SymbolOne, introducing their new collaboration moniker, 'Gesso'."