Xinobi - Piano Lessons

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Xinobi - Piano Lessons. Two songs he has a special connection with, not least because of the fact that he released them on his birthday.   

Two fresh tracks both rooted and built around the piano. The Piano being the most important element here, building on an idea that occurred to Xinobi (Moniker of Bruno Cardoso), that of trying to learn the piano and then integrate it as much as possible on future releases, of which this marks the first. As is almost always the case, his ‘lessons’ so far have been self-taught.

‘Piano Lessons’ has a classical touch with a jazz undertone and arrangement, without being part of any specific genre, somehow managing to retain the watermark of all of Xinobi’s previous work and signature sound.  

Despite Xinobi’s appetite for devouring various sounds and genres, there is a unique consistency to his output, due not least to his musical and arrangement-based skills as he once again demonstrates here.

‘Piano Lessons’. A song that twists and uplifts after an ethereal piano solo with syllabic vocals, eventually exploding in to a full-blown ethereal banger whilst containing all the magical and mystical elements that made it so unique when he played it the very first time.

Xinobi explains: “Piano Lessons came as pure magic, it was recorded and played a bit randomly, I’ve only added a few small tweaks when producing the track. Proof it was a magical moment the first time around. I have since tried to play it again and still can’t get as close to the soul I can feel in the original recording. Proof to me that that first time around was truly a magical moment”

Coupled with ‘Undertones’, a track based around that very concept with it having an addictive and introspective trip-based sound with a darker and more chilled atmosphere.

“I don’t really know how to play the Piano. Only a few chords but I often play it by ear and very simply. I bought an electric Piano as a gift for my wife and when playing it I entered some kind of altered state and kept playing the riff over a random beat. Then I layered some jazzy snare rolls and cymbals to input some weirdness”

Whether these songs will eventually form part of a forthcoming album remains to be seen. In the meantime, this return is a real statement of intent for everything he intends to achieve in the year ahead and beyond.