10COTEXAS 10 Year Anniversary Compilation 2xCD

10COTEXAS 10 Year Anniversary Compilation 2xCD


DOUBLE CD compilation. 2017 is an important year. It’s been ten years since Discotexas was formed by Moullinex and Xinobi. We can’t find a better way to celebrate a decade of Discotexas than putting out a very special record. “10cotexas” is a compilation that captures our history and our eternal passion for music. It’s a memorable gathering of artists and some of their most important tracks. But it is also the perfect excuse to present some exclusive originals and a few unreleased rarities. We’re proud of it. It contains iconic originals and remixes by Moullinex, Xinobi, Da Chick, Kamp!, Rebeka, Mirror People or Psychemagik alongside a "hidden-for-ages-treasure" by Double Damage and the first original track by the Discotexas Band, an in-house band compromising Moullinex, Xinobi and Da Chick."

The Discotexas Band - Family Affair 
Rebeka - Stars (Discotexas Version) 
Moullinex - Take My Pain Away 
Da Chick - Cocktail 
Xinobi - Hawaii 
Zimmer - Cruisin' 
Throes + The Shine - Shake The Floor 
Kamp! - Cairo (Moullinex Remix) 
Justin Faust - Girl Talk 
Lazydisco - More Tigers 
Astrolabe - Cave Disco (Discotexas Edit) 
Da Chick - Chick-A-Boom (Pete Herbert Remix) 
Moullinex - Take A Chance (Satin Jackets Remix)

Mirror People - Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix) 
Xinobi - Puma 
Bufi - Salvage 
Antenna Happy - Memory Track 
Jesse Oliver - Piece By Piece 
Moullinex - Can’t Stop (Miami Horror) 
Jon Jury - Art Bucket (Xinobi Remix) 
Justin Faust - Space Rhumba - Mercury Remix 
Double Damage - SĂŁo Paulo 
Xinobi - (I Hate The Sound Of) Guitars

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