KAMP! is a polish pop-electronic trio who debuted in 2009 with ‘Thales One EP’, a true first attempt to go against the then-popular trends in Polish electronica. It’s follow-up, ‘Breaking A Ghost's Heart’, is considered a milestone in Polish history for the genre. Their debut album ‘KAMP!’, was released on the band's own Brennnessel label. Dream-pop musings, fitting the album just as well as house tracks, earned them sales of over 10,000 copies and a huge demand from clubs and festivals, starting in Shanghai, through London, Prague and Los Angeles.

Second album ‘Orneta’ was a surprise drop in October 2015 and as with each and every sophomore, especially the one following a commercial success, it was long awaited and rated even before the first listen. It’s something no band can escape. ‘Orneta’, indeed, is a dancefloor sort of album, but also a contemplative and melancholic one.

KAMP! are one of the few polish bands that have gained international success with proper releases on New York City based Cascine and Discotexas.