Xinobi & Gisela João - Fado Para Esta Noite

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It’s with immense pleasure that we have finally put out 'Fado Para Esta Noite', the wonderful collaboration between Xinobi & Gisela João. Proof that Electronic Music and Fado can, and in this case should, go hand in hand.

Mixing House and Fado was never a premise for Xinobi. After meeting Gisela João in a special show, in which the Fado singer interpreted 15 songs of diverse composers from Frank Sinatra to Amy Winehouse, Xinobi knew he had to work with someone with that voice and that personality. That feeling was reinforced later when he heard Gisela João’s debut album.

Xinobi explains that electronic music and Fado "are two very difficult genres to merge", and this new single "has probably become one of the biggest challenges" he has faced. It is known that mixing such different musical genres can be tricky and misunderstood. Still he ventured, and thank goodness he did!

It’s truly magical, and now you can stream and buy it right here. It’s out everywhere now!

.. and just when it seemed it couldn’t get any better.. it did! It's video companion, directed beautifully by Lydie Barbara. It really is a fantastic addition to an already captivating song. Jump in and watch it on the left.