Ferns and Stuff DS Art.jpg
Wild & Free - Ferns And Stuff

Wild & Free return with a collection of essential remixes from label mates and influences alike by revisiting the heady disco of recent single ‘Ferns and Stuff’.

Label mate Xinobi adds his expert musical arrangement skills with a ‘Discotexas Club Mix’ thrown in for good measure.

And it doesn’t stop there, with legendary New Yorker Justin Strauss, who has produced and mixed records and remixes for the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Beyonce, La Roux and Goldfrapp contributing a ‘Whatever/Whatever’ mix as part of the slick and hugely influential production duo he formed with Bryan Mette.

Already noted for his remixes and array of collaborators and with several releases under his belt (including a track on the ‘Bonjour Colette’ compilation), Tokyo-based Yuki Abe AKA producer/DJ Boys Get Hurt gets his inspiration from the melancholic feelings the end of summer inevitably brings about, a personal and evocative sensibility in tune with the land of the rising sun’s delicate culture. Yuki expertly crafts bouncy disco-house music with sprinklings of electronica, indie, ambient, hip-hop and R&B. Here he adds a mix with a loose and joyful feel that fits the sentiments of what Wild and Free represent perfectly.