Zimmer - Horizontal Disco

Apple Music

We were lucky to have released Zimmer’s debut single! Horizontal disco is a combo of four cutting edge tunes:

01 - Looking At You 
A slow yet sexual groove, supported by a heavy bassline, bright chords and funky guitars, 'Looking at you' sounds like the nighttime pendant of 'Cruisin'.

02 - Slave To Your Heart (feat. Jeremy Glenn) 
This one features vocals by Canadian citizen Jeremy Glenn, giving this raw synth-disco track an adventurous and decadent dimension, suited for the east Berlin warehouse afterhours.

03 - Bay Bridge 
The perfect track to end a party: funky to make the girls go crazy and housey to energize the boys. The feel good 'Bay Bridge' will make you smile and dance for sure.

04 - Cruisin’ (Extended version) 
An inch of afro, a touch of disco and here you have one of 2011 pool party anthems! Now in a more DJ friendly version.