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Philosophy Of Sound - It Is Like That

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Philosophy of what? What do you get when you combine a master's degree in philosophy with a love of dance and electronic music production, and throw in a finalist position at the International Songwriting Competition not to mention a fascination with the latest forms of disco influenced sounds? A project called Philosophy Of Sound - expect to hear hot disco guitar licks, booty shaking bass and a selection of some of Melbourne's most intriguing vocalists.

Philosophy Of Sound is the musical brainchild of two Melbourne based producers - Martin K and John Salmon. Martin is a philosopher turned music producer originally hailing from Poland, who after spending some time in his other project Koshowko has decided to start a ’beyond-disco’ side project. John has an international background as a DJ and producer.

Over the last few years both have been working in close collaboration with various electronic and dance labels and artists, which has led to many remixes and releases on several labels in both Australia and Europe.

"It Is Like That" was Philosophy Of Sound debut single and is part of a three releases plan that Discotexas unveiled. Includes an outstanding remix by disco superstar Ilya Santana!