DJ Vibe

Aka Tó Pereira, started mixing at the early age of 15, back in 1983; when he got his first ever club gig at Lisbon's Bataclan.

Considered by many as the the most sought after and well known of the Portuguese DJ’s, DJ Vibe has been also involved in the launch of the most important clubs both at home and Internationally, including a ten year residency at Lisbon’s Lux Frágil, coinciding with his involvement in the Acid House explosion taking place in London at the time.

In the beginning of the 90's, Vibe created the ‘Underground Sound of Lisbon’ production project with Rui Da Silva. He was the first ever Portuguese DJ to remix local Rock/Pop bands like Ban and Radio Macau. USL had their smash hit ‘So Get Up’ reach #1 in specialized charts around the World selling over 40.000 singles, and more than a million on compilations with Tribal America Records.

British Magazine Muzik, named DJ Vibe and the Kremlin ‘A Paradise Called Portugal’. Countless more charting hits and collaborations on various dance charts the world over only cemented his place amongst the greats of the dance music scene. His excellent mixing ability and playing style making him a true original.

It is with such great pleasure that we’ll be releasing DJ Vibe’s new EP on Discotexas this year.